Digital Video Display on Wall

Wall Mount Displays

Wall mount displays or Digital Wall displays or Video Displays on Wall are display products to hanged on wall. These displays are extremely safe due to Metal Chassis fabrication thats why can be put to areas where monitoring is difficult. 

Ideal for Pillars, Parking areas , Shops, Offices or high traffic areas in retail, Offices, Banks, Educational institutes, Hubs, Hospitals etc.

Designed for durability, sophisticated look and high performance.


Features MWM24 MWM32 MWM43
Diagonal Screen Size (Inch) 24 32 43
Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Display Size (Inch) 11.5 x 20.6 15.5 x 27.5 20.6 x 36.8
Frame Size 15.5 x 27.32 18.8 x 34.4 24.5 x 48.5
Operating System Android 12 Android 12 Android 12
Processor/RAM/ROM Amlogic/4GB/32GB Amlogic/4GB/32GB Amlogic/4GB/32GB
Sound 20w 20w 20w
Software Cloud CMS/Offline USB Cloud CMS/Offline USB 1 year
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year

Frequently Asked Question

Digital Wallmount Display or Poster display or Digital Video Display on Wall all are digital signage displays that gives a new outlook to any commercial environment. 

In comparison to Static Signs, Digital Wallmount displays  are designed to catch customer attention with multimedia messages having both audio and visuals. So Digital Wallmount displays can show graphics in image format, presentation, Videos with or without audio as per choice. 

These display signage systems are used in malls,showrooms,retail chain restaurant, schools, colleges, institutes, coaching center and any commercial place to have an edge on competitors. 

Digital LED standees or Digital Signage can be interactive as well by installing touch screen panels. With Touch screen koisk or Interactive Digital Led Standee/Signage customers can search retail stores in malls, products, Select food from menu then order food. It gives a great brand impact on customers.

Now a days consumers are more tech savvy and prefer technology oriented information systems like mobiles,laptops and digital led signage displays. 

Major Benefits of having digital signages are :

  1. A wonderful system for effective communication. Its a tool to engage customers when they are at your place like displaying discount coupons, QR codes etc
  2. It helps to get new customers into brand site due to moving visuals and audio which are attention grabbing.
  3. Easy to change and implement new offers or content into digital screens.
  4. Digital Wallmount displays are extremely cost effective then just upgrading the print material all the time when new content needs to be put.
  5. Another lovely benefit is faster execution, with our cloud remote content loading you can upload content from your mobile or laptop anywhere from the world. Just internet connection needed. 

In our Maxpro Digital Wallmount displays we have given three ways to update content in your digital signage.

  1. First Method: Pendrive/USB Drive . All you have to do is copy content in your pendrive any folder of your choice. Plug in to your digital A frame poster standee and from Maxpro app you have to select which files you want to run or play in loop. Kindly check softwares menu at top for more details on Pendrive USB software.
  2. Second Method : If you dont want to use pendrive then in Maxpro app, we have given an option to play content from your Google Drive, that way you dont need any pendrive. So you may call this a mini cloud software. Lifetime free with every Maxpro Digital Standees.
  3. Third Method: Our Cloud based system can let you put content remotely from anywhere in the world. This is by far the best way to control your content. We guaranteed best cloud CMS and most economical in the market. 

Before you busy any digital signage, below points to consider always.

  1. Build Quality : Its very important to check the fabrication material used to fabricate digital standee. MS is by far the best material for this purpose which gives good durability and finishing. 
  2. Processor & RAM/ROM: A processor is the heart of any digital led standee kiosk, all content are processed by processor and RAM only. So Processor should be of high quality and Ram should be at least 4gb if you consider to use in long term, we already knew how images and video files are taking space now a days so to process these high megapixels we must install 4gb ram. we provide inbuilt 4gb ram and 32GB space as our starting range. 
  3. Software : If processor is heart, then Software is soul of any digital signage displays. A good software either USB drive based or Cloud based is extremely essential part to run and play content. We provide inbuilt lifetime free software that is autorun, content playing in loop, split screens and ticker message. 
  4. Screen Panel : Digital signages are for commercial purpose so at least 16/7 screen panel is needed plus it should be branded and not Chinese. Brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Philips have excellent digital signage displays and we are authorised partners.
  5. Indian vs Chinese Products : Sellers/traders who are selling products of Indian manufacturers are good and can deliver after sales service but those who are selling Chinese products after sales is very difficult like repairing product once needed. 
  6. Type of digital signage : Two types of LED digital standees are Outdoor digital signages or Indoor digital signages. Before buying, your requirement or your client's requirement should be clear like if client wants to place digital standee outside in open area go for outdoor signage. Digital Indoor signages are for indoor purposes. 
  7. Seller or Manufacturer: Buying digital standee or digital signage directly from manufacturer benefits in terms of costing and future bulk sales. 

We know how to build a good product but we are not good sales persons ,we dont know how to sale. So we can only give valid reasons to buy from us. 

  1. Guidance : Whatever is in product and what product to suit your space we will give you clear suggestion. If you don't need digital signage then we don't ask you to buy and if you want something which we don't have we will give reference or guide you. 
  2. Direct Manufacturer : Since we are direct manufacturer you will get better price then market or from dealers who are selling products of different manufacturers.
  3. After sales service: We do pick calls ,we do guide and fix issues, like we said earlier we are not sales people so if we cant promise we tell you that before sales so yes we do not say yes to everything. 
  4. Our products have better build quality, finishing , custom colour if needed, AMlogic Processor with 4gb ram and 32 gb space, inbuilt lifetime free software that is auto run, content playing in loop, split screens and ticker message or option of Cloud CMS for remotely manage screens.
  5. Screen Panel : Our screen panels are from  LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Philips, we are authorised partners.

Yes, we do provide custom digital signage with custom colour options. 

If we have raw material stock then Normal manufacturing time is 2-3 days. Shipping time and cost will be on actual as per location. 

Payment terms : 50% Advance and 50% before dispatch, 

PS: Our payment terms are same from any quantity and any client( large scale, Medium scale and Small scale business). We don't give credits.  


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